Previous RIFT Theatre projects. All images by Camilla Greenwell

29th November - 23rd December, 2017
STYX, Tottenham Hale

"Nuclear Winter is an immersive installation that will transport STYX, in Tottenham Hale, to the heart of the Cold War. It is a tongue in cheek journey to both sides of the iron curtain, spread across four fully installed areas - an exploration of an explosive period of world history, told through installation, performance, food and drink." RIFT Theatre

Blanch & Shock, with Rebecca Song (Song's Kitchen),our friend and frequent collaborator, will be designing the menu for a dinner which explores a global age of espionage, bravura, secrecy and fast food. 

We will imagine how the cuisines of the world's superpowers might have co-existed, what whispered anecdotes might have been lost in translation, and how food culture could exist in a time of fear.

Tickets and more information are available at the
Nuclear Winter site. 

STYX, Tottenham Hale
RIFT Theatre