Beetroot, baked, dehydrated and poached in beetroot juice and dill pickle brine. Dried dill pickle and a blob of beach rosehip paste
 Draining the buttermilk from a batch of freshly churned cultured butter.
 Pannaged pork belly from the New Forest, dry-aged for three weeks by  The Butchery Ltd
 Cured rainbow trout, roe, chervil roots and leaves and butter
 Barbecued leek, fermented and roasted mushroom paste, and salad of black mustard, pickled ramson buds and tarragon
 Jerusalem Artichoke 'Hasselback' and smoked puree, cultured cream, wild garlic oil & fermented elderberries
 Slow-cooked pork belly, sweet potato & seaweed oil, Alexanders bud and black mustard. Damson & pork sauce (not shown)
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