Saturday 10th June, 2017
Toynbee Studios, London

"The A to Z Unit is an autonomous and evolving culinary research unit with a mission to map and investigate the roles of natural, modified & engineered micro-organisms (bacteria & yeasts) found within our food systems"

We will be collaborating with Sneha Solanki and Alexia Mellor of A-Z Unit to create a workshop examining the microbial terroir of East London. 2 Degrees is an biennial festival curated by ArtsAdmin at Toynbee Studios in Aldgate which explores the intersection of art and climate change.

Participants will visit local producers of fermented foods, tasting, questioning and exploring the significance of microbial foods in social, economic and environmental terms.

We shall be making some tasters for a bar, which will attempt to describe how food produced in a post-climate catastrophe scenario might look and taste, and what impact it could have on our food systems.