Bowmore Distillery, Islay, Scotland
31st October 2016

Bowmore Distillery sits on the shore of Loch Indaal on the Inner Hebridean island of Islay.  It is one of the oldest Scotch Distilleries, producing whisky since 1779. In October, the Distillery released an extremely limited edition bottle made from a single remaining cask of whisky, vatted in sherry casks in 1964, which was discovered in their vaults after being forgotten. We were invited to cook a dinner for a select group of whisky heads, inspired by the distillery, the whisky and the island.

We served dinner in a room in the No 1 Vault, the centuries-old maturation cellar, on a table decorated with wild plants and beach stones. The guests were presented with the whisky and told about the whisky, the wooden cask designed by John Galvin Design, and the handmade bottle by Glasstorm Studios.

We were shown around the distillery and were given some smoked peated barley from the drying room to flavour elemts of the menu. We brought with us a bag of wild herbs gathered on the mainland by Gary Goldie, and a whisky barrel stave we'd been waiting ages to find a use for.

    The Menu

    Sea buckthorn granita, Islay honey, rosemary

    Seed bread, whisky butter and fried grains

    Scallops, mushrooms, apples, pickled kohlrabi,
    dulse tincture

    Islay lamb rump, bog-myrtle pumpkin, wild herbs,
    sloe + lamb sauce     

    Barley seed cake, whisky barrel cream
    pears, honey crisp