Edible Eastside, Digbeth, Birmingham
October 2013

For the opening night of Fierce, a festival of performance art which takes place annually in various places around the world, we collaborated with Edible Eastside to cook a dinner in the garden, culminating with the first performance of the festival.

Edible Eastside was created to provide an allotment scheme and events space in an semi-derelict area of Birmingham, which is gradually becoming a hub for the arts and music industries. A massive variety of flowers, vegetables and fruit are grown in raised beds, swarming with bees and butterflies, and there is a beautiful clay oven. 

Along with pickles we'd made on a previous visit, we cooked a vegetarian barbecue using ingredients from the garden around us and served 150 guests, who sat on the raised beds their dinner had recently been taken from and drank cocktails made in the potting shed.

The Menu

Wood roasted flatbread

Slow cooked eggs, chopped greens

Potatoes cooked in whey

Pit-cooked pumpkins, hogweed, sumac

Burnt Jalapeno/Anaheim chilli salsa

Onions baked in embers, buttermilk and honey

Corncob-smoked aubergine

Garlic melted courgettes

Fresh cheese curds, marjoram and parsley

Tomatoes, rapeseed oil, fig tincture, nasturtiums