Image - Thomas S.G. Farnetti / Wellcome

Image - Thomas S.G. Farnetti / Wellcome

Tomatoes, leaves and herbs from Loughborough Farm, hazelnut milk and rapeseed oil
Kohlrabi in yoghurt whey, beetroots in rose kombucha, dill-pickled cucumbers
British charcuterie, sourdough bread and cultured butter
Terrine of carrots, pickled fennel and sea lettuce with shiitake and kelp jelly, nasturtiums, peas and mint
Aged beef , overwintered pears, dark garlic, cavolo nero, and grains
Banana bread, miso ice cream, toasted rice, yoghurt caramel

Friday 16th & Saturday 17th June, 2017, 7.30pm
Wellcome Collection, London

As part of the current Wellcome exhibition, 
Electricity: The spark of life, we shall be cooking a dinner inspired by the use of artificial refrigeration, from the global cold chain to the introduction of domestic fridges, and how they will shape our future. Based on the research of historian Helen Peavitt, whose book Refrigerator: The Story of Cool in the Kitchen is released later this year, we have devised a menu which explores the ways in which the cold cycle can affect ingredients, inform techniques and have impact on our use of energy.

There will be five courses, beginning with ingredients that have never been refrigerated, followed by dishes which avoid or rely on refrigeration to increasing degrees. 
Tickets cost 45 pounds (or 35 pounds for concessions) and can be booked on the Wellcome event page.  Meat, vegetable and vegan menus are available and can be chosen at the time of booking.We endeavour to cater for diets of all kinds - please make any requirements or allergies known on the bookings page.

Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE