Thursday 28th and Friday 29th July, 2016

We met Kate de Syllas when she was running the kitchen at Headway East, a charity offering help to people living with brain injuries. We spent time cooking with her for the visitors to the centre while researching the menu for our project Brain Banquet in 2014.

Kate opened Hantverk & Found, a tiny seafood restaurant and gallery down a side street in Margate's old town in 2015, and it has fast become one of the best places to eat in town. 

We travelled via Brogdale Farm in Faversham which houses the National Fruit Collection, deciding on one of the nine varieties of cherries picked that day, and visited Miles Irving and his crew of foragers near Canterbury to talk wild seeds and pick up some herbs and seaweed.

The Menu

Wholegrain sourdough rolls with hay butter

Sea bass in sour pickle brine, grilled lettuce, fennel pollen creme fraiche, celery leaf

Squid and aged butter, wild watercress, preserved                     elderberries
Grilled mackerel, baby potatoes, sargassum ‘mole’

Brogdale cherries, honey cake, black sesame and tonka         cream, sour cherries

Frozen 'Wooly Pig' cider, damson vinegar



Hantverk & Found
 18 King Street,  Margate
Kent CT9 1DA
Tel - 01843 280 454
Email - info@hantverk-found.co.uk

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