Castle Gibson, Stoke Newington, 2010
Abandoned power station, Berlin, 2011
Tanner Street, Bermondsey, 2013

In 2010 we were commissioned by Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton, a duo who go by Light Collective, a lighting design company and consultancy. They asked us to cook a polychromatic dinner to be served under high performance lighting systems built by Xicato, an American LED manufacturer. We designed five courses, and our friends Robin and Brandy of Robin Collective made colour changing 'Bizarregaritas' to be served before dinner.

The following year, we travelled to Berlin to cook another dinner in a disused power substation in Mitoab. The labrynthine building was festooned with LEDs and spotlights and featured an installation by designer Flynn Talbot. We sought and sourced ingredients and equipment all over Berlin, not knowing where to look, or what we'd find.

The third event was held in the massive wooden loft of a warehouse in Bermondsey, in March 2013. We served  a lunch or roast chickens and salads, followed by a dinner of four courses.

The Menus

London, 2010
Bizzaregaritas by Robin Collective
Bream, beetroots, cress
Butternut Squash, yoghurt, saffron
Partridge, cabbage, herbs and sorrel
Pork Belly, blue potatoes, mushrooms, radishes
Chocolate beet torte, violas, cream

Berlin, 2011
Bream, oxalis, beets, amaranth, fennel
Romanesco, mascarpone, daikon, rocket, wild garlic
Poached egg, toast, capelin caviar, samphire,
chrysanthemum, balsamic
Beef , parsley root, Teltow turnip, horseradish,
Yoghurt sponge, sea buckthorn, carrotmel, snapdragons
Lingonberry meringue, honey dust, 
Lavender honey truffle, raspberry powder

London, 2013
Beetroot, beef jerky, roses, hawthorn
Trout, pumpkin, pearl barley, cauliflower
Monkfish, whey, brassicas, wild garlic, melilot
Baked yoghurt, blue glass, confit lemon, prunes


All images by Sanna Fisher-Payne