Prote.in Gallery, Shoreditch
2nd May, 2012

As part of an evening curated by coffee consultants DunneFrankowski, exploring the five tastes and our perceptions of them, we designed some snacks to be served to and discussed with thirty guests. The evening started with a lecture on the science behind our reactions to certain ingredients, given by Dr Dave Hart, of the Institute of Food Research. The concept of the 'supertaster' was discussed, and samples eaten. Ryan Chetiyawardana of The Worship Street Whistling Shop demonstrated a cocktail using whisky, helium balloons and a magnetically stirred beaker, and finally we served our snacks, plating them in front of the guests as we explained the ingredients, processes, and reasons for them.

The Menu

Black Bream 'ceviche', rhubarb, oxalis salt, sorrel
Hay-baked potatoes, smoked cod's roe, pickled gorse flowers
Grilled onions, coffee, buttermilk, Jack-by-the-hedge, bee pollen
Malt cake, carrots, salt 'carrotmel', tarragon
Yoghurt sponge, Granny Smith apple peel powder
Rehydrated raisins, raisin tea, mace pudding, caraway crumbs