August 12th-13th

We are excited to be be heading to Norwich in August to cook with Francis Woolf at his six month old restaurant, Woolf & Social. Francis left the world of theatre and performance and cooked his way around London, including stints with Blanch & Shock, before opening a fried chicken stall at Norwich's nascent street food market. It was a huge success and spawned the idea for his restaurant, in whose tiny kitchen he braises and smokes, pickles and fries his way through a menu of small, decadent dishes. 


    The Menu - served family style

    Bread, cultured butter and pickles
    Smoked fried potatoes, wild saison labneh,
    preserved green elderberry salsa.
    Roast broccoli, long pepper-cured egg yolk,
    black garlic + whey sauce.
    Tomatoes, pickled cockles, grasshopper garum,
    nasturtiums and redcurrants.
    Monkfish hotdog, tartare sauce, fried onions, samphire,             herbs and pickles.
    Buttermilk fried chicken, hayonnaise, burnt +
    dried sour leaves .
    Tonka junket, red gooseberries, brown butter crumb.
    Chocolate + Malt cake, beetroot and raspberry smoosh.

Woolf & Social  //  21-23 Nelson Street  // Norwich

Email  -  bookings@woolfandsocial.co.uk
Tel  -  01603 443658
Twitter  //  Instagram