Future Lab Dinners
May 16th, 23rd, 30th 2015

Tucked away behind a large grey stable door on a cobbled street in Shoreditch is The Future Laboratory, a trend and futures consultancy. At the heart of the building is a well-equipped kitchen and a dining room that seats twenty, a series of garden spaces with flowers, herbs and vegetables, and a trio of beehives producing excellent polyfloral honey. As well as cooking lunches and dinners for their events and trend fora, we cook a weekly staff meal and use their kitchen for research and recipe development. 

In May, for the first time, we will host a series of our own public dinners in the space, cooking a menu inspired by some of our favourite dishes from the last two years and the ingredients and cooking processes that most intrigue us.

There will be a set menu of five courses with some snacks and our homemade bread and butters, and we will be offering an limited wine list. We will also be offering a vegetarian menu for those that do not wish to dine on fish or flesh.

The cost of the dinner is 42 pounds, and bookings can be made on our Ticket page *

The Menu

Pollack, sensha tea, cultured cream, fennel
Sea kale, goat curds, dulse, sorrel
Potato, asparagus, fermented garlic, wood ants
Hogget, ‘mole’, beans, mustard leaves
Beeswax, honey, pumpkin, flowers and herbs

The Future Laboratory
26 Elder Street
E1 6BT 

* We are selling tickets through Stripe, an app which integrates with our new website really well and charges the smallest booking fee of any we've found. We wish we didn't have to charge it, but it is the most expedient and cheap way for us to take reservations. The ticket price includes this booking fee.