Hay Rice Pudding

Hay Rice Pudding

100g Pudding rice
50g Light brown sugar
1L Raw milk
50g Cultured butter
100g Cultured cream

1 Indonesian long pepper
A pinch of dry ginger, a sprinkling of caraway seeds and of cinammon.
A large handful of meadow hay

Roast  hay in at 160C for fifteen minutes. Toast caraway seeds, cracked long pepper and spices in a dry pan, grind and add to a pot. Add the milk and turn the heat on low. Add the roasted hay and cover with cling film. Heat until nearly at the boil (or the cling film blows off - whichever is sooner) and then leave to infuse for a couple of hours, off the heat. 

Melt the butter in a wide pan and add the sugar. After a minute, add the rice and stir over a low heat for ten minutes, until the grains have swelled a little and are translucent. Strain the milk and add it to the rice along with the cultured cream. When the cream has melted mix the rice well, pour the whole lot into a baking dish and bake for seventy five minutes at 145C. Grill the top for 3-4 minutes and let cool for about ten minutes

The rice pudding in the picture looks a little split, which it is, but I am not one to be offput by escaping hay-infused clarified butter.

Eat with plum jam.